Abdol Azim Shrine in Tehran

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Abdol Azim Shrine in TehranReviewed by mohsen panahi on Nov 14Rating: 4.5Abdol Azim ShrineAbdol Azim shrine (حرم عبدالعظیم حسنی)is located in south east part of Tehran in Rey City . more than two century ago Tehran was a small village attached to Rey city and Abdol Azim Shrine was the central mosque in this city .


Abdol Azim shrine Tehran

Abdol Azim shrine Tehran (حرم عبدالعظیم حسنی) is a historical & religious attraction of Tehran which is located in south east part of Tehran in Rey City . More than two century ago, Tehran was a small village attached to Rey city and Abdol Azim Shrine was the central mosque in this city . Abdol Azim is one of the grandsons of Hassan Bin Ali ( second Shiite imam ) and an Islamic cleric is his time . he was born in 794 in medina and later migrated to Rey due to the pressures burdened to him by the Islamic caliphs . In Rey he was a respected Islamic cleric and people visited him for their religious questions. He never left Rey & lived there with dignity & respect . In his last days, a residence of Rey seen a dream that the Prophet Muhammad told him to bury his son ( Abdol Azim Hasani ) in an area called abdul jabbar alley beside an apple tree . the next day the guy woke up hearing the news of Abdol Azim passed away . then he went to but the so called area so that they could bury his body in there . Since that time his grave has been visited by the pilgrims & tourists from Iran & neighboring countries .  there are some other graves of Islamic clerics in the complex such as Hamzeh & Taher graves ( peace be upon them ) .

Abdol Azim shrine Tehran go-to-iran.com

The main building and other parts such as yards, domes , minarets & porticos constructed In different historical eras . the main porticos & yard are believed to be ordered by the Safavid kings ( 1501 – 1736 ) . ornaments , interior decorations , mirror works & tile & inlaid works are all constructed or renovated in Qajar era ( 1789 – 1925 ) .  There Is no exact date for the construction of this monument but in the 9th century A.D it’s been renovated .  

For visiting this historical & religious attraction you can see Tehran city tour page for more information & to make the booking . Islamic coverage is obligatory for the women to enter the holy shrine .   




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