Golestan Palaces

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Golestan Palaces

Golestan palaces complex is a very important historical site in Tehran . it is a historical & architectural reference for the events happened in the past 300 years . initial contruction dated back to Safavid Era ( 1500 – 1736 ) when Shah Abbas made a monument in a big garden . Golestan palace was the main governmental office of most of the Qajarid Kings after they announced Tehran as their capital .

All Qajarid kings ( 1796-1925) & pahlavid kings ( 1925-1979 ) had their coronations in this place .The oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran, a world heritage, the Golestan Palace belongs to a group of royal buildings that were once enclosed within the mud-thatched walls of Tehran’s Historic Arg (citadel).

Golestan Palace Complex consists of 17 structures including palaces, museums, and halls. Almost this entire complex was built during the 200 years ruling of Qajarid kings. These palaces were used for many different occasions such as coronation and other important celebrations.

golestan palaces go-to-iran.com

Marble throne port : in Qajarid era , Fath Ali Shah – the second king of this dynasty ordered a Marble throne to be placed in an area called Iwan ( terrace ) , so the artists made this beautiful throne from Yazd yellow marble . in other times next kings made some more carvings on the throne . Marble throne is according to the throne of Solomon tales which was carried by the ferries & trolls . Apart from the throne, on the surface of terrace there are amazing tile works , stucco , enamel & mirror works.
KarimKhani Cozy corner : in Golestan palace there is another terrace smaller in size which was said to be the Karim Khan place ( Zand King ) for his public greetings . in Qajarid Era , king Naser ol Din was spending most of his time here .

Other buildings in Golestan Palace including Talar Asli ( main ballroom ) , Ayeneh khaneh ( mirror room ) , Negar khaneh & howzkhaneh are museums & show cases for the imperial & luxury objects of kings belongings , gifts , souvenirs etc. . Naser ol Din Shah was the first Iranian king who paid a visit to europe & after his visit in Paris , he ordered to have some museums in Iran for the first time .


Golestan Palaces Tehran

Golestan Palaces Tehran

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  1. maryam says:

    Very beautiful and full of colors. must see if you visit Tehran. You need 2-3 hours for visit. There is no area for sit down and rest but worth the visit.

  2. puja delhi says:

    Amazing architecture and a must see for any tourist.The place is not filled with many tourist and one can enjoy the whole place at one’s own leisure.Good to have a guide with you if not one may miss the crucial information about the historical value and information about the place.

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