PERSEPOLISReviewed by mohsen panahi on Sep 29Rating: 4.5PersePolisPersePolis or Parseh (پارسه یا پرسپولیس ) is the name of an ancient city of Achemenian empire which was built around 518 BC .


PersePolis or Parseh (پارسه یا پرسپولیس ) is the name of an ancient city of Achemenian empire which was built around 518 BC . According to the historians it was a live city for more than 200 years & has a population of 45000 people . after the excavations , ruins from so many palaces has been discovered .  Persepolis means the city of Perse Or Parseh . Persian Is also derived from Parseh means the Parseh people . Persepolis is about 60 km from shiraz . it is 4 times bigger than acropolis in Athens . palaces are as below :

Gate of all nations ( دروازه ملل ) : this is the entrance of Persepolis leading the people and invitees from all nations who has been ruled by Achemenians to a grand hall with the area of 25 meter in length . Two pair of Lamassu ( sculpture of bulls with head of bearded men ) can be a symbolic majestic welcome .

Apadana Palace ( کاخ آپادانا  ) : after the gate of all nation you will be lead to the Hundred column palace and then to the Apadana palace which is the most imperial palace built by Darius the great and accomplished by Xerxes . the grand hall of this palace is a square shape area each side is 60 meter long with 72 columns . Fortunately 13 columns are now stand after 25 centuries.

Hundred column Hall ( تالار صد ستون  ) : this palace is the second biggest monument in Persepolis measuring 70 to 70 meters . the construction started by Xerxes & completed by his son & successor Artaxerxes .  its function was a throne hall . in its time it had one hundred columns but now only two columns remained which is also moved to Chicago oriental center .


Tachara Palace ( کاخ تچر  ) :  built by Darius the great but completed by his successor Xerxes. Tachara means the winter palace in old Persian . this palace function was more ceremonial rather than residential . Tchara was built with the finest quality stones . the walls were polished as it reflected like a mirror . that’s why some name it as mirror hall as well .

Hadish Palace ( کاخ هدیش  ) : Hadish Palace is also a property of Xerxes king . on the northern portico there are two inscriptions which describes the Palace name & ownership .


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